Aug 26, 2013

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Adopt Together – A CrowdFunding Option

Are you wanting to adopt a child, help others adopt a child, or know someone wanting to adopt a child? Check out this fantastic resource: AdoptTogether!

From was established in 2008 by Chuck and Anne Fortener of Waynesville, Ohio. They began opening their home to children in need in the mid-1980’s. With their three biological children under the age of 7, Chuck & Anne began fostering children and over the next ten years, fostered over 30 children. Convinced that their true calling was to provide a permanent home for orphan children, they proceeded to adopt eight children from five different countries.

With a first-hand understanding of the financial cost of adoption and an strong desire to continue to help orphan children, they searched for a way to assist others in adopting orphan children. In the middle of 2008, their oldest son, Hank Fortener, came up with a concept of “crowd funding” adoption expenses.

The first project under the Hoping Hearts Foundation is to develop to provide financial support for adopting families for many decades to come.”

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