Apr 7, 2016

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Not Like Me Sermon Series!

Not Like Me Sermon Series!

Choose Not Like Me as a sermon series!

  • Wanting to do a sermon series dealing with politics, ethnicity, immigration, or resolving conflict this summer or fall?
  • Wanting to reach people who would not normally come on a Sunday morning?
  • Wanting to mobilize your people to reach out to their neighbors and co-workers?
  • Just wanting 6 weeks of great material you don’t have to create on your own?!


You can purchase 30 copies of Not Like Me PLUS the resources below for $250 (taxes and shipping included)!

The books alone are worth $450!

To order more than 30 books or to find out more about doing this sermon series, email info@ericbryant.org if interested in this sermon series!

Sermon Series Description:

Politics, race, ethnicity, religion, social class – so much seems to divide us.

How can we possibly love where we live when we are surrounded with people who hurt us, come from a different background, believe differently or vote differently than we do?

Rather than a threat, our diverse world gives us a great opportunity!

Discover how we can become agents of change building bridges to create a new future that connects to God’s heart.

Series Schedule Options for Not Like Me:

  • A Love Greater Than Politics 
  • A Love Greater Than Ethnicity
  • A Love Greater Than Religion 
  • A Love Greater Than Social Class
  • A Love Greater Than Morality
  • A Love Greater Than Conflict


  1. Message Manuscripts
  2. Small Group Materials (4 week and 6 week options)
  3. Worship Songs, Secular Songs, Videos, and Art Piece Recommendations
  4. Ideas for throwing neighborhood parties
  1. What an awesome resource. We have been blessed with you as our pastor and appreciate your courageous faith.

    Praying for you, Deb and the family. <3