Mar 27, 2014

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8 Reasons Why I Cannot Wait to See The Movie Noah!

I have heard some rallying people of faith to see Noah and heard of others criticizing the film (even some who have not seen it). Here’s why I cannot wait to see the film Noah: 1. If Hollywood wants to spend $150,000,000 on a story from the Scriptures, I am happy to support them for their efforts. 2. I am easily entertained and love action movies with a spiritual bent. 3. I...

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Mar 26, 2014

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Conversational Sundays (Austin Swoop House)

Join us this Sunday night! From the Hill Country Institute: Gathering with the Family for Dinner Conversations Please prayerfully consider journeying with us through Hill Country Institute’s “Conversational Sundays” as we explore these topics: MARCH 30:  When our culture looks at us, do they see Jesus or something else?   With Eric Bryant, author of...

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Mar 24, 2014

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Resources for Couples (Seriously Dat...

With so many young adults in Austin (and part of Gateway Church), I have the...

Mar 22, 2014

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One of the Best Wedding Videos Ever

At Gateway Church in Austin, we have so many young adults and so many singles,...

Mar 20, 2014

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A New Definition of Family?

So much discussion and debate in our culture today seems to revolve around...

Mar 16, 2014

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Realm: Draw Near by Ted Beasley

 At Gateway Church in Austin, we continued a series on the spiritual...

Mar 15, 2014

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SxSW – A Cultural Phenomenon

This is our fourth year living in Austin during South by Southwest (SxSW)....

Mar 12, 2014

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20 Years Ago Today… (Our Weddi...

20 years is a long time!! But 20 years with Deborah Bryant is not nearly...