Dig Your Work – An Interview with Ken Kuznia (3pm on 10/4 – new date))

Join us for a free online conversation with Ken Kuznia, founder and owner of DigYourWork at 3pm CST on Thurs., October 4th!

At 3pm CST on 10/4, watch online here.

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Ken will share with us principles important in starting your own business and getting the job you’ve always wanted.

From the DigYourWork website:

“When people are looking for a job, they feel they fall into one of two camps: 1) They need a j.o.b. (anything to pay the bills) and they need it now, or 2) they’re ready to find a job/career that they’ll actually enjoy, their passion if you will.

You can’t have both . . . or can you?

Ken argues that going after jobs that speak to your heart is actually the fastest way to get any job, even a j.o.b. The first step in his DigYourWork Program walks people through getting clear on what they want in a job before they initiate their search. He states that this is the step that almost everybody skips, primarily because job seekers are fearful of missing out on opportunities or they simply don’t know how to do it.

His process is organic, it’s not about taking tests. He says, ‘your heart and your soul are trying to tell you something. All you have to do is get intentional about blocking out time to listen to what they have to say.’

He continues, ‘Once you discover what’s most important to you at this point of your career, you now have a direction. In addition, companies pick up on the fact that the job they’re looking to fill is in alignment with who you are at your core. This is paramount to companies because they’re scared to death of people bailing when the job gets hard or they eventually find a job they like better.’”

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